Trbonet Solution


Exclusively available through Motorola Solutions and supported by our customer service teams, TRBOnet PLUS offers the most advanced features for radio fleet management, dispatch and voice and data communications. It uses the MOTOTRBO wireline network interface to interface directly with the system over IP. This improves system stability, security and reliability but also reduces hardware overheads and can lower maintenance costs. TRBOnet PLUS has undergone stringent quality testing in the Motorola Solutions labs to ensure it meets the highest standards of quality and delivers an exceptional customer experience.

TRBOnet PLUS keeps operators in complete control of even the most demanding multi-site systems. Designed with the dispatcher in mind, a wide variety of everyday operations can be automated using defined rules and smart tools such as scheduled text messages, voicemails for offline radios or geofencing. Dispatchers can now monitor the status of users and their location with live updates, while assigning tasks to the most relevant resources, and improving the personnel safety with automatic alarms. TRBOnet PLUS also offers system monitoring tools to help you maintain the health of your radio system. It works seamlessly with Motorola’s WAVE solution to give your dispatcher full voice access to the mobile devices on your MOTOTRBO system.


Efficiently manage fleet operations and remotely control radios. Get live status updates and configure the radio to send online/offline reports to the server.


Create, assign and monitor job tickets through the radio network to deliver routine tasks more efficiently. Radio users can accept or decline the job ticket by simply pushing a button.


Log all system events including voice calls, text messages and status changes. Customize rules, filter and group events or generate reports detailing location and radio status.