Trbonet For The Generic Option Board

Generic Option Board

TRBOnet provides powerful, easy-to-use and affordable solutions for the Motorola Generic Option Board that enhances the capabilities of any digital radio. It gives radio users the power to control their environment as well as protects personnel & resources by implementing modern solutions to increase safety.


The feature allows to distinguish false alarms from the real threat – and act fast. The radio device constantly monitors position and movement and will produce a pre-warning tone to notify the user about unusual movement or if no motion is detected. Should the user not correct the radio position and dismiss the warning tone, an emergency alarm will be triggered and a notification will be sent to a dispatch center. Settings such as angle deviation, timeout interval, pre-alarm tones and volume level are configurable and can be changed at any time.


The “Crash Detect” feature utilizes a similar method of detection to what is used in motorcycles. In this type of accident the driver or rider may be injured become unconscious. Should the radio sensor detect a strong G-force and unusual momentum followed by no movement, an immediate notification will be sent to a dispatcher


Implementing Lone Worker technology takes personnel safety to new heights. This feature allows the dispatcher to set a time interval in which the communication with a subscriber is expected. If a lone worker has not called the dispatcher for a pre-defined period of time, an alarm is activated.