PT5 Series PT580H PT560H

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PT5 Series PT580H PT560H

PT5 series, with higher quality and extended features, is designed for professional users performing mission-critical tasks.


Frequency Bands 320-380MHz /380-430MHz 405-475MHz/806-870MHz
Dimensions (HxWxD) 127.5 x 55 x 36.5mm(1800mAh battery) 127.5 x 55 x 39.5mm(2000mAh battery)
Weight 368g (with 1800/2000mAh battery and antenna) 400g (with 2500mAh battery and antenna)
Battery PT580H Plus:1800mAh(Standard) PT560H:2000mAh (Standard) 2500mAh(Option)
Battery Life (5-5-90) 20 Hours(1800mAh) >22 Hours(2000mAh) >27 Hours(2500mAh)
Operating Voltage 7.4V

PT5 Series PT580H PT560H

Featuring IP68 protection, higher RF output, clear digital voice, built-in BT and GPS positioning, PT5 series ensures reliable communication anytime and anywhere.


Data Service

SDS-1, 2, 3, 4, TL, Status Message, Immediate Text Message (TMO), Long Text Message (TMO), One Touch/ Fast Sending Status Message, Message Sending/Receiving During Calls.

Security Service

Authentication, Package Data User Authentication, AIE: TEA1, TEA2, TEA3, TEA4, Security Class: Class 1/2/3, End to End Encryption, Temporarily Disable/Permanently Disable.

DMO Repeater

ETSI Type 1 A Repeater Standard, DMO Voice and Tone Signalling on Selected Talkgroup, SDS and Status Messaging on Selected Talkgroup, Signal Broadcast of Available Repeater.