Complete Guide to Walkthrough Gates

Complete Guide to Walkthrough Gates

You may have traveled different parts of the world and visited the different airports that have different walkthrough gates installed. But do you know how it works?

These gates are installed in various places such as schools, sporting events, government offices, parks, and different public places. Walkthrough gates ensure a complete security system that posses the cameras, door access control, and emergency paging systems. It’s a safe and effective system that has the IP cameras and door access control that strengthens the overall security system.

Here is the complete guide of the walkthrough gates that will help you to understand its working and functionality.


Walkthrough metal detectors are built on the laws that are defined by the Scottish physicist, James Clerk Maxwell. According to his discovery, the magnetism and electricity are interlinked to each other. The example of this relationship is when the coil of copper wire is wrapped around a metal nail, the current is applied to the coil and the metal nail becomes magnetized.  

A magnetic field is created when an electric pulse is sent through a coil of wire. Once the metal object is hit by the electric field, it reflects back and it can be used to detect another coil of wire. To define the size and position of the object, the size and timing of the detected pulses are used.


Pulse induction (PI) technology is utilized by walkthrough metal detectors. The PI systems send powerful and short pulses of current through the coil of wire.

A short magnetic field is generated by each pulse and it reacts with the coil of the receiver that triggers the alarm system.

Once the system is triggered, the initiating spike is created that lasts a few seconds and enables the current to run through the coil. This subsequent current is known as the reflected pulse that lasts for a short time. 100 pulses per second are sent by the PI-based walkthrough metal detector gate. It also depends on the model as numbers can be varied from sending 25 pulses to 1000 per second.

The large magnetic field is created by the walkthrough gates that cover wide space inside of the rectangular arch of the walkthrough gate.

Advanced metal detectors have multiple zones that not only detects the object by sounding an alarm but also informs where the detected object is present. Multiple coils are present in the HI-PE multi-zone high-performance walk-through gate that creates a detection zone separately. These walkthrough gates detect multiple objects and display all the places where it is located.

Safety and Effectiveness

Walkthrough metal detectors create magnetic fields that are the form of radiation and it is the non-ionizing that means it doesn’t cause the biological damage. It means that repeated exposure of metal detectors is not hazardous. It shows the safety and effectiveness of these walkthrough gates, so it should be the major part of the security practices at all places like schools, malls, and different public and private places.

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